We provide solutions by combining open source technologies and our existing modules that fit your needs.

Individual Development

Our experience in classical database engines, but also in various no-sql based databses (Neo4j or MongoDB) give us the flexibility to quickly design applications while still thinking outside the “box”. We combine this with current web-development techniques (like jQuery , json ) to provide you a use-anywhere experience that feels like a native application.

We also provide support with system setup with our experience with modern logging/monitoring solutions (like Logstash ) and software design patterns.

Open Source

Find out about our OpenSource Projects at Github


This is a library allowing a binding between html and a javascript object as described in MVVM similar to other libraries like knockout.js or AngularJs . JsForm only takes care of the rendering of data in a html. The controller can be written in standard jQuery. This keeps the library clean and simple. (Used in the CMS Administration)


This little tool allows to include a neo4j console in any web-application for easy administration.